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Low profile tires, custom wheels, and lowered vehicles unite.

Due to the large number of extreme low profile tires and very expensive wheels that we encounter and install daily, AWE Tuning uses several state-of-the-art machines to ensure only the best treatment for your vehicle.  If you’re local to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or want to take a road trip to the Performance epicenter, you can take advantage of AWE Tuning’s Performance services out of our Headquarters, focused on precision and accuracy. Read on to learn more about the instruments we use in our facilities:

  • Touchless tire mounting is accomplished with the AWE Tuning Hunter TCAuto28 Tire Changer.
  • Track ready corner balancing courtesy of our our Intercomp SW777 Professional Scale System.
  • The AWE Tuning Hunter DSP9600 Wheel Balancer can successfully balance up to 24 inch diameter wheel and tire combinations. Using the Split Spoke technology of this balancer, we can also hide wheel weights behind wheel spokes if the customer desires. Hunter tire changers and wheel balancers are used exclusively by the Porsche and BMW factories due to their technological superiority.
  • Our wireless Hunter PA100 ProAlign© Alignment System features touchless wheel and tire clamps, allowing the AWE Tuning team to customize toe, camber, and caster angles to within 1/64 of an inch, establish the centerline of the vehicle to ensure truly straight tracking, and view illustrations and graphs enabling exact corrections to the amount and direction of adjustment based on recommended OEM adjustment methods.

“AWE saved the day! I had an alignment and suspension problem the dealer could not fix. I took my R32 to them and they found and fixed the problem! One of my best days ever!” -- someone who is now more awesome

To schedule an alignment, mounting or balancing appointment, simply fill out the form to the left, or call 888.565.2257.

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