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Joshua Davis
Creative Manager
215.658.1875 x280

Houston, Texas
September 20, 2018

AWE announces plans to enter the Chevrolet Camaro market

AWE made their next major-market entrance announcement -- a major push into the Camaro market, starting with the Gen6 SS and ZL1 cars. The product line will be launched in partnership with Phastek Performance, who will lead the eCommerce sales of the product.

"AWE’s recent explosive success with modern muscle made the 6th generation of Camaro a logical, exciting, and quite applicable next step for us. The 6.2L has quickly become one of our our favorite power plants, and our ability to scavenge even more aggression out of this killer speaks to our engineering team’s love affair with this platform,” stated AWE VP of Marketing, Jesse Kramer.

The line will incorporate an exhaust line up that will cover AWE’s signature sophisticated Touring Editions which feature their patent-pending drone-canceling solution 180 Technology®, as well as the “wake-the-dead” Track Editions for those looking to keep it loud 24/7.

AWE will be releasing additional information about the product line as the launch gets closer, a date which they have yet to announce.

About AWE

AWE is the authority in precision automotive engineering for enthusiast automobiles. From award-winning handcrafted performance exhausts to track-tested carbon fiber intakes to performance intercoolers, AWE innovates, designs, manufactures, and distributes AWE brand performance products globally through its preferred network of dealers, online and from its state-of-the-art headquarters outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since 1991, AWE’s select team of researchers, engineers, innovators, fabricators, and drivers have introduced premium performance upgrades for some of the finest automobiles in the world.

About Phastek Performance

Founded by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, Phastek harnesses years of experience to offer easy access to a thorough catalog consisting of thousands of performance, styling, handling, and lighting upgrades for the Camaro platform. Serving the nation since 2009, Phastek is the largest Camaro aftermarket superstore in the country based out of Houston, Texas.

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