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Press Contact:
Joshua Davis
Creative Manager
215.658.1875 x280

Valdosta, Georgia
May 2, 2022


AWE, the precision engineering and manufacturing firm outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has teamed up with Mustang specialists, Steeda, to outfit a vehicle from the local Valdosta Police Department in Georgia, USA.

At its core, the Mustang began as a standard 2021 GT with the 10R80 10-speed transmission that received a major overhaul in the performance department – from suspension, chassis, wheel, tire, and powertrain upgrades.

Amongst the list of modifications resides the AWE Touring Edition Catback Exhaust with quad 4” tips in diamond black, which features AWE’s patented drone-canceling solution, 180 Technology® to ensure a drone-free experience through the entire rev range.

Donned Special Service Vehicle #2021-007, the reborn traffic unit is piloted by Sgt. Griffin.

“The AWE exhaust is really nice, has a great tone, and doesn’t drone! I really enjoy the sound and it makes the car fun to drive. Now, it truly sounds like a Mustang,” states Seargent Griffin, Valdosta Police Department.

Build list:

From the Factory:

  • 5.0L High Performance Coyote V8
  • 10-Speed 10R80 Automatic Transmission

Interior Upgrades

  • Steeda Dashboard Serialization
  • Steeda Door Sill Plates
  • Steeda S550 Mustang Hood Strut Kit
  • Steeda Mustang Trunk Pop Kit, Large Wing/Spoiler

Steeda Suspension & Chassis Upgrades

  • Steeda Mustang Adjustable Front and Rear Sway Bar Kit
  • Steeda Mustang GT IRS Subframe Bushing Support System
  • Steeda S550 Mustang IRS Subframe Alignment Kit
  • Steeda S550 Mustang Coupe Rear IRS Subframe Support Braces
  • Steeda Mustang Coupe Low-Profile Jacking Rails
  • Steeda S550 Mustang Ultralite 2-Point G-Trac Brace
  • Steeda Performance Wheel Alignment

Steeda Powertrain Upgrades

Steeda Wheel & Tire Upgrades:

  • Nitto INVO Ultra High Performance Tires (275/35-20 F, 315/35-20 R)
  • McQueen Racing Mulholland Gloss Black Staggered Street Wheel Package

Steeda Exterior Upgrades:

  • Steeda Rear Decklid Emblem
  • Steeda Engine Bay Serialization Badge
  • Steeda Windshield Banner - Silver
  • Steeda G-Trac Graphics Package
  • Steeda 10" Vinyl Decal
  • Steeda Mustang Sidewinder Decal - Silver

View the full gallery showing the Special Service Vehicle #2021-007 in all its glory right this way.

About Steeda

Steeda is the result of years of professional racing experience stemming back to generations of working closely with Ford. We have been working with the Mustang platform professionally since our founding by Dario Orlando in 1988 for racing and the development of new parts for the Mustang and other vehicles as they debuted. From the time of our founding, we have won more races and titles than all of our competition put together and we continue to do so to this day. Today, Steeda is the single largest manufacturer of Ford-based performance parts while also being the largest privately-owned Ford performance operation in the world. Today, Steeda manufactures performance parts for nearly every vehicle in Ford’s lineup, ranging from the Mustang through the F-150 Raptor and Super Duty trucks and everything else while still focusing heavily on the car that started it all for us.

About AWE

AWE is the authority in precision engineering for enthusiast vehicles. From award-winning handcrafted performance exhausts dubbed “The Best Sounding Exhausts on the Planet™,” to track-tested carbon fiber intakes and performance intercoolers, AWE innovates, designs, engineers, manufactures, and distributes AWE brand performance products globally through its preferred network of dealers, online, and from its state-of-the-art headquarters outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since 1991, AWE's elite team of researchers, engineers, innovators, and drivers have track-tested and introduced premium performance upgrades for some of the finest automobiles in the world.


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