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Sinan Kanatsiz
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Orange County-based automotive aftermarket and modification business introduces MOD Societies

La Habra, CA March 28, 2016 - Mod Bargains and Mod Auto, two businesses that cater to automotive enthusiasts in the aftermarket and automotive modification sectors, has announced the launch of its new customer experience program, MOD Societies, a unique membership opportunity offering both new and existing MOD customers exclusive benefits and services. Designed to enhance the overall ownership, restyling, and driving experience for those who are passionate about their vehicles, MOD Societies will feature three membership levels, with each level offering services such as discounted shop labor, custom license plate frames, discounts on Mod Auto merchandise, tickets to the Mod Auto Societies annual event, and other special offers.

The company’s founders, CEO Mike Brown and President Ron Hay, developed MOD Societies as a premier membership “club” that, in their view, promises to deliver an array of special perks and privileges for auto enthusiasts who want extraordinary services that equal passion for driving. Memberships are value-priced, in that they include enhanced merchandise and services in exchange for an upfront annual membership payment. Specific levels include the Mod Auto Enthusiast Society, priced at $495 per year, the Mod Auto Expert Society, at $995 per year, and the exclusive Mod Auto Elite Society, which has a membership price of $1,595 per year. Both the Elite and Expert levels have membership capped at 50 and 100 respectively. Additional information, including enrollment details, can be found via the Mod Auto website, at

Founded in 2005, Mod Bargains and Mod Auto began by filling a void in the Southern California market for auto enthusiasts who wanted a greater selection of quality products from an aftermarket retailer that also provided superior, experienced customer service. With Mod Bargains retailing premium parts and accessories, and Mod Auto providing state-of-the-art modifications at their shop in La Habra, more automotive enthusiasts in Southern California have access to customer-focused aftermarket products and installation services for their vehicle.

About Mod Bargains

Mod Bargains is a leader in aftermarket parts and accessories, and is dedicated to sharing its Expertise, Experience, and Enthusiasm to make the world a better place for automotive enthusiasts. Customers benefit from a greater range of products, reliable pricing, and unparalleled expertise offered through Mod Bargains Modification Experts. Learn more at and on


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