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Jesse Kramer, Vice President of Marketing
AWE Tuning


Venice, California
August 11, 2014

AWE Tuning announced today that it is sponsoring pro Red Bull Skateboarder Joey Brezinski, adding Joey as the fourth action sports athlete in the company’s growing arsenal of professional enthusiasts on Team AWE. Brezinski drives a 2013 Audi A7.

Joey is commonly referred to as “The Manual King,” and is best known for what he calls “manual two-wheel trickery.”

“Joey is one of the most precise skaters out there, best known for a “calculated and technical style” – something that overlaps perfectly with AWE Tuning’s approach to performance engineering. He’s an enthusiast, great guy and represents the AWE Tuning brand well. We’re incredibly fortunate and psyched to have him on the team,” stated Jesse Kramer, VP of Marketing at AWE Tuning.

AWE Tuning worked closely with Vossen Wheels, who will be outfitting the A7 with the wheel brand’s latest model, the VFS1. AWE Tuning also worked closely with TAG Motorsports, one of their key Southern California distributors, to execute the build.

The complete build will include the AWE Tuning Touring Edition A7 Exhaust, the AWE Tuning Stage 2 Performance Pulley Kit featuring G.I.A.C. software, lowering springs and Vossen VFS1 wheels. TAG Motorsports will be executing the build out of their Vista, CA headquarters.

“TAG Motorsports represents the Southern California automotive lifestyle extremely well, and has been a trusted partner of AWE Tuning since 2009. It’s a perfect fit for a build like this,” stated Kramer. “And when it comes to wheels that complement what we all planned for the car, there was no choice other than Vossen.”

Vossen Wheels will be spearheading the capture of the build alongside TAG Motorsports’ in house photographer Robert Grubs. The “Joey Campaign” will be rolled out in two stages. Stage 1 will include basic build shots and photography. Stage 2 will include a full video produced by Vossen’s in house media team led by Anthony Anderson, as well as an additional photoshoot with updated livery on the vehicle.

Additionally, Audizine has joined in on the build and will be participating as the media sponsor, and collaborating on the final video.

“I’m psyched AWE Tuning is leading the charge on creating a program for my A7! The car has become a completely sick ride and I’m loving the build by TAG and the wheels by Vossen,” stated Joey, recently back from a tour stop in Sweden.

More information and photos of Joey and his A7 can be found on the AWE Tuning website, in the Team AWE section.

About Joey Brezinski

Joey Brezinski, AKA the “Manual King,” is a pro skateboarder based in Venice, California. Joey is sponsored by Cliché Skateboards, Red Bull, Andale Bearings, Autobahn Wheels, Olloclip, Diamond Supply Co., Grizzly Grip, Tensor Trucks, Awsm Brand, Puma, Footprint Insoles, Helas Caps, TAG Motorsports, Vossen Wheels, and AWE Tuning. In 2012 Brezinski won his seventh Manny Mania in New York City. He is also co-owner of Andale Bearings with fellow pro Paul Rodriguez.

About TAG Motorsports

TAG Motorsports is a premier aftermarket installer and automotive lifestyle center in Southern California. The brand, founded in 2011, retails choice performance and aftermarket brands out of their 10,000 square foot facility in Vista, California.

About Vossen Wheels

Vossen Wheels is a Florida based wheel builder specializing in manufacturing staggered fitments with sizes ranging from 19" to 22" and widths from 8.5" to 12.5". All Vossen Wheels offer tire pressure sensor compatibility and clearance for most high performance brake upgrades. The brand distributes worldwide distribution in over 30 countries, and offers an industry leading five year workmanship warranty and lifetime structural warranty.

About AWE Tuning

AWE Tuning is the authority in Performance engineering for European automobiles. From award winning hand-crafted Performance exhausts to track tested big turbo kits to vetted Performance products including G.I.A.C., Bilstein, H&R, Brembo and more, AWE Tuning innovates, designs, retails and distributes choice performance products globally through its preferred network of dealers, online and from its headquarters outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since 1991, AWE Tuning's elite team of researchers, engineers, innovators and drivers have track-tested and introduced premium performance upgrades for some of the finest automobiles in the world.


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