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The sounds legends are made of.

Presenting the long-lusted dream for many automotive enthusiasts in the U.S.-- Audi's RS 6 Avant, modernized. We love wagons, avants, and estates of all shapes and sizes, making the C8 RS 6 Avant a member of our in-house fleet was a no-brainer. 

The Avant led the charge for development of the AWE SwitchPath™ Exhaust ft. drone-canceling 180 Technology® for the C8 RS 6/ RS 7, sparking the creation of AWE's ReflecTips™.

Not only does the C8 platform pack it on heavy in the power department, it's also very good at keeping the sound of that power out of the cabin. Given the RS’ interior sound deadening, it made hearing the enhanced exhaust sound a challenge.

This challenge birthed AWE’s parabolic tip design–the ReflecTip–engineered to reflect the exhaust note toward the driver so you can get the dose of excitement you crave when driving the RS. They’re 31% larger than the stock tips, fill the valance perfectly, and come standard in AWE’s signature diamond black finish. They mount independently to the bumper via included brackets allowing them to float around the outlets of the SwitchPath™ exhaust, reflect off of the inner geometry of the tips, and back towards you, the captain of the rocket ship. 

ReflecTips™, plus 180 Technology® paired with our bespoke dual 3" valved SwitchPath™ design rendered the ultimate exhaust for the coveted Avant, making it perfect for daily driving while remaining ready for any big power that could be thrown its way.

The sound matched the aggressive demeanor, all that remained was closing the gap in the wheel arches and equipping a more flattering wheel to tie it all together. Alas, a set of custom drop links were created to rid the wheel gap while respecting the factory air suspension, and we called in the pros at Vossen to dress up the Avant with a wheel complimentary to its chiseled aesthetic. Transferring the power to the pavement are Micheline's Pilot Super Sport tires.

You're looking at the ultimate dream come true.

Featured upgrades include:

  • AWE SwitchPath™ Exhaust featuring parabolic ReflecTips™
  • Custom in-house drop links
  • Vossen HF5 wheels, 22x10.5 ET8 5x112, gloss black
  • Micheline Pilot Super Sport Tires


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