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So we’re ripping (responsibly) through the back roads of Central Pennsylvania last summer, doing some real world testing on our (now released) Porsche 991TT/S Performance Intercoolers and BMW F8X ColdFront™ Heat Exchanger and giving our BMW F8X SwitchPath Exhaust and 991TT/S Performance Exhaust a work out. Well what do you know, there’s the one-and-only Joey Brezinski. Just skating down the street.

So we picked him up... because it’s what you do when you’re driving two heavily modded cars through rural back roads and see a pro skater. And that’s where our totally real story begins.

Joey Brezinski, AKA the “Manual King,” is co-owner of Andale Bearings with Paul Rodriguez. He is sponsored by Cliché Skateboards Red Bull Diamond Supply Co. Grizzly Griptape Autobahn Wheels Olloclip Tensor Trucks Footprint Insoles TAG Motorsports Vossen Wheels G.I.A.C. and AWE Tuning.

Turns out Joey was on his way to Camp Woodward. So hey, "let’s make a day of this" because it’s rare that you’re driving down a back road and see a Red Bull sponsored pro skater, totally unplanned. So we followed Joey around all day and got to hang with some of the incredible kids and counselors at Camp Woodward.

While there we ran into this cat Jeremiah Smith professional BMX rider and X-Games medalist, on scene with his two preferred modes of transportation--his BMX bike and his brawler of an E36 M3. He wanted in on the fun after watching Brezinski and hopped on his bike to take to the skies with help from the The Rock.

Oh, and we made a video of the day. Because again, it was totally random that we ran into Joey skating alone through the hills of Central Pennsylvania. It was also just a coincidence that we had a film crew with us.

Shout out to Dave Metty the Director of Woodward Films and Woodward Digital Media Camps and the entire crew at Woodward for running the finest in extreme sports establishments.

It was a good day. We witnessed Brezinski live up to his title of “Manual King” first hand at The Launch Pad / Manny Mania learned there aren’t many surfaces that Jeremiah Smith won’t throw down on with his bike, and talked Porsches with the owner of Camp Woodward and full-time Porsche Panamera fanatic, Gary Ream. All while ramping up the next generation of enthusiasts.

The day wrapped with Brezinski, Smith, and fellow Cliché rider Paul Hart all throwing down at The Block.

And of course, special thanks to @clicheskate @andalebearings @tensortrucks @autobahnwheelco @grizzlygriptape @diamondsupplyco @redbull @fpinsoles @olloclip @turbokolor @teamburrito_com @vossen @TAGmotorsports (who did the install of AWE Tuning parts on Joey's personal A7) @giac_tuning @GTBicycles @Triple8NYC @5050BMXand @fifteen52!

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