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From the sophisticated Touring Edition featuring AWE's patented drone killer 180 Technology, to the rowdy Track Edition Exhaust, there's no finer dose of steel for the DE4 & DE5. Options for every taste and budget reside below.

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AWE Exhaust Suite for DE5 Acura Integra Type-S
The DE5 Acura Integra Type-S exhaust line is currently in the evaluation phase If you'd like to see this one born, fill out your information below If 'ya don't fill out below, we won't know!
AWE Exhaust Suite for FE1 Civic Si / DE4 Acura Integra
Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the FE1 Civic Si / DE4 Acura Integra: Unique single 3” to dual 3” catback design for the FE1 Si & DE4 Integra Includes frontpipe designed to respect the factory downpipe connection Midpipe features...
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AWE Carbon Intake for FL5 Civic Type R & DE5 Integra Type S
Currently in the Research and Development phase. Be the first to know when it’s ready to go. Sign up early, check back often for the latest updates and photos.
AWE Small Window Decal
Stick this to your window to let everyone know how cool you are. It's true, AWE Window Decals make you 10% cooler, we guarantee it.
AWE's Fantastic Tip Tonic
Presenting AWE’s Fantastic Tip Tonic, the miracle exhaust tip cleaning solution: Custom formulated to AWE’s exact standards to remove carbon deposits and road filth from AWE exhaust tip finishes Recommended for use on both chrome silver and diamond black AWE...
AWE Distressed Logo Tee
Comfort and style equals optimal performance. Presenting the AWE Distressed Logo Tee: Features AWE's logo, front and back Distressed, so it looks like you've had it since 1991 100% cotton, 101% awesome Lightweight, comfy material perfect for Cars and Coffee,...
AWE Slap Decal
Die-cut, full color, split and peel style with a matte finish measures in at 4" x 2.85" Will stick to most surfaces and remain in place during the hardest of pulls Looks good on just about anything -- tool box,...
When leaving your competitor in the dust, make sure they know why. The AWE license plate frame uses the original hardware (two screws), rocks the AWE color logo (red and white), and sports a matte black finish. It's a must...
AWE LookMark Decal
Available in black or white Unique design allows it to protrude from any edge on your vehicle, to show where your AWE goods reside Works best when placed above exhaust tips, along bottom edge of your hood (for intakes), or...
AWE Dagger Snapback
Presenting the AWE Dagger Snapback: Embroidered with AWE's signature dagger and logo Quality tested for 2+ years to ensure durability for everyday use Adjustable to accommodate multiple head sizes Compliments any outfit thanks to its minimalist, clean design Lightweight and...
Presenting the AWE Slap Decal: The AWE flag + the American flag in one convenient package Automotive-grade vinyl means these colors don't fade Adds +/- 1 horsepower Guaranteed to have stars and stripes, every time Die-cut, full color, split and...
AWE Gearbox
AWE gear for you and yours (i.e. your car). Presenting the AWE GearBox: Legendary AWE License Plate Frame Durable AWE Performance Coffee Mug Sophisticated AWE Small Window Decals Stylish and comfortable AWE Distressed Logo Tee Beautiful AWE brochure Tasty Blow...
Perfect for coffee. Works great with juice, water, even milk! Dyno tested and verified on AWE's in-house AWD Mustang dyno Proven in a secret R&D facility to increase the effects of caffeine
AWE 2.75" Band Clamp, Stainless
2.75" stainless steel band clamp for AWE exhausts Torque spec: 61 ft-lbs What's in the box?One complete 2.75" stainless steel band clamp. Please note, the quantity of clamps in your cart is a direct reflection of the number of clamps...
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AWE Bay Banner
Presenting the AWE Bay Banner: Full color, gloss finish, AWE trademark slogan Measures in at 2' high and 7' wide Heat welded for durability Includes grommets so you can hang it from almost anything Looks best in a garage, bedroom,...
AWE Meshback Hat - Heather Gray
Presenting the AWE Meshback Hat: AWE's signature rectangular dagger logo embroidered upon a Richardson 112 Trucker Hat Quality tested to ensure durability for everyday use Adjustable to accommodate multiple noggin sizes Compliments any outfit thanks to its clean design, and...
AWE Neck Gaiter Mask
The easiest way to look like a precision engineering ninja. Presenting the AWE Neck Gaiter: Available in AWE Tiger Camo or AWE Hard Parts design Constructed from breathable polyester Lightweight and stretchy Made in the USA
AWE SwitchPath™ Remote for B9 Audi 3.0T
Instant satisfaction at the press of a button. Presenting the AWE SwitchPath™ Remote: Must already have AWE SwitchPath™ Exhaust for B9 Audi 3.0T applications installed for this remote to work. Open and close exhaust valves with the push of a...
AWE SwitchPath™ Remote
Instant satisfaction at the press of a button. Presenting the AWE SwitchPath™ Remote: Works with stock system, or AWE SwitchPath™ Exhaust Open and close exhaust valves with the push of a button from inside the cabin at any time Comes...
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