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While 99% of AWE's performance engineering is distributed to dealers and distributors around the globe, local enthusiasts have the option to have their work done out of our headquarters, just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. AWE Headquarters is where performance is made, and now it's available to the discerning enthusiast looking to tap our in-house resources.

Exhaust Installations

From cat-backs and axle-backs to downpipes and headers, this is our specialty. Hit the form to the left, or call 215-461-5001. Let's get that car sounding right. 

Engine Performance

From turbo/supercharger kits and intercoolers to cooling system upgrades and intake installations, AWE's install team are authorities on all things engine performance. From the leaders in performance engineering to your engine bay. Call 215-461-5001 or rip over to the form to the left. Let's get that car performing right. 

Drivetrain, Transmissions and Clutch

From clutches and flywheels to differentials and axles, whether you’re looking for an upgrade or just general drivetrain upkeep, reach out to our performance service team at 215-461-5001 or shift over to the form to the left. 

Suspension Upgrades and Alignment

Stance or clearance, whether you’re about going low, cornering hard or gettin’ a lift, AWE’s performance service team are experts in all things suspension and alignment. From coil overs and leveling kits to a simple spring upgrade, we’ve got this handled. We’ll even roll those fenders. Hang a left to the form, or call 215-461-5001

Wheel Mounting and Balancing  

Performance wheels and lowered cars can't just go anywhere. We've honed our mounting, balancing and alignment chops for wheels up to 24", lowered cars, lifted trucks, high-performance tires, and anyone looking for precise performance wheel work. Rollover to the form on the left, or call 215-461-5001.

Performance Software

If a flash or piggyback is in your future, AWE’s service team works with only the best performance software upgrades. These simple upgrades can provide as much as 100 horsepower in under an hour! Flash to the form on the left, or call 215-461-5001.

Aesthetics and Aero 

From lips and spoilers to diffusers, side skirts, and exterior lighting, AWE’s performance services team is uniquely skilled at all the aesthetic upgrades you’re after. Scoop up the form to the left, or call 215-461-5001.

Just want your car to perform better?

We’re here to help. AWE can create custom packages for almost any budget that get your ride to where it needs to be. Give us a shout. We love this stuff. Help yourself to the form to the left, or call 215-461-5001. Let’s do this!

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