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When the FK8 CTR was announced, we were eager to get our hands on the FWD VTEC Turbo platform with hopes it would fulfill the voids of nostalgia that many members of our staff had (hidden deep down) from their early gearhead days.

Knowing many others were feeling the same excitement as us, the FK8 CTR positioned itself perfectly to act as the flagship development model for AWE's entry into the Civic market, with none other than the AWE Exhaust Suite for the FK8 Civic Type R and FC1/FC3 Civic Si. The AWE Exhaust Suites for the FK8 and FC1/FC3 have become the go-to exhaust offerings for drivers looking for a deep, refined soundtrack while unlocking maximum power thanks to the straight-through, 3" design and integrated front-pipe leading the path of the exhaust route.

Bringing the FK8 CTR into the ranks of the in-house fleet meant it not only deserved tasteful modification in the form of wheels and suspension from the best in the industry but also a badass livery to let everyone know what team it belonged to.

With a few tasteful touches, we were able to uncork a non-typical deep tone out of the K20 while representing the coveted redline badge in proper form.

Redline 'n' bronze.

The AWE FK8 Civic Type R features:

  • AWE Touring Edition Exhaust with diamond black tips
  • Bespoke AWE livery in gloss red and black
  • H&R Sport Springs
  • Advan Racing RZF2, 18x9.5 ET45 in Racing Umber Bronze with Monster Lugs M14 Lug Kit
  • Falken Azenis RT615K in 265/32R18
  • Hondata FlashPro
  • Thule UpRide x2, WingBar Evo, Evo Clamp, Fit Kit 145043

    Bikes shown:

    • Custom Cult Butter featuring components by Animal Bikes and Cinema BMX
    • Custom Kink Darryl Tocco featuring components by ODI Grips, Sunday Bikes, The Shadow Conspiracy, Primo BMX, Sun BMX, and Flybikes

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