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Drummer, entrepreneur, educator, coffee connoisseur, and horsepower addict. Ladies and gentlemen, Matt Halpern.

Best known for his work with the progressive metal band, Periphery Matt's shredding the streets daily in a 900+ hp Trackhawk when he's not shredding the drums. Matt's a fan of the Mopar masters at High Horse Performance and those Mopar masters at High Horse Performance are big fans of the Touring Edition Exhaust.

To celebrate Halpern's induction to Team AWE, we conducted a one-of-a-kind RevOff starring Halpern, pitting himself against his brolic 6.2L-powered Trackhawk. He claims he won, we're still (to this day) not entirely sure we agree with him.

You be the judge. Watch below, and get ready for an ample dose of radical:

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